If running is not your passion, take a picture!

While some people run, others take pictures. If running is not your passion, you can always take part in the “EDP Maratona do Porto” from the other side of the lens.

Runporto is launching a photography challenge for the 16th “EDP Maratona do Porto”!

The best photos of the event will be on display at next year's "Maratona do Porto” Expo, in 2020, and the three best pictures will be awarded prizes.

Are you up for the challenge?

Desafio Fotográfico Maratona do Porto

Regulations for the "Maratona do Porto" Photography Challenge

1. Organization

The "Maratona do Porto" Photography Challenge is organized by Runporto.com – Organização de Eventos Desportivos Lda., headquartered at Rua António Silva Torres n.º 128 A, 4475-455 Nogueira da Maia, Portugal

2. Who may compete

Portuguese citizens and foreign citizens residing in Portugal, who are 18 years or older on November 3 may participate.

Participation is free and implies the full acceptance of this regulation.

3. Conditions

Photographs will only be accepted in digital format (good quality), originals and collected during and in the context of the 15th “EDP Maratona do Porto”, November 3, 2019.

Black and white and color photographs will be accepted.

All photographs for consideration by the jury must be sent in digital format, regardless of the medium in which they were captured.

The digital file of each photograph must include the following items: name of the photograph, if it has one, and the name of the author.

The competitors guarantee to Runporto.com that they are the creators of the submitted photos and that they do not violate any third party copyrights. If they do not comply with this rule, they will be disqualified and their work will not be considered.

All photographs may be displayed publicly on the communications channels of Runporto.com.

4. Submitting photographs

Photographs shall be submitted to the email address geral@runporto.com

The deadline for submitting the photographs ends on November 30, 2019.

Each competitor may present up to five photos, but only one of these may be considered the winner.

5. Jury

The jury of the competition shall be composed of employees of Runporto.com.

The winners will be announced on December 20, 2019 on the official communication channels of Runporto.com.

The best photographs of the event will later be exhibited at the 2020 "Maratona do Porto" Expo.

The decision of the jury is final and irrevocable, with no appeal.

6. Prizes

The three best photographs will receive prizes.

The winners will receive gift certificates that may be used for photographic material.

• 1st prize – 100€ (in gift certificate)
• 2nd prize – 75€ (in gift certificate)
• 3rd prize – 50€ (in gift certificate)

7. Rights

Competitors who have received any award grant Runporto.com the right to use the photographs, either to promote the competition or for their own purposes.
Competitors grant Runporto.com the right to display and disseminate submitted photos.

8. Final provisions

Issues omitted shall be resolved by the jury, and their discussion is not subject to appeal.